you can be part of it

Europe is in need for people who can give answers to the most important questions in life, because people are asking. In our secular society, there are many different answers and we as christians want to be present when someone is searching. This is why we need your support. Our philosophy is that God can use anyone with his strengths and weaknesses and he can use you, too.

mission trip

Choirs, construction teams, youth groups - there are many different ways we can organize a mission trip to Germany. You can support us by giving concerts, helping us with kids activities or by participating in the international youth camp TakeOff. We offer accommodation in our headquarters and transport to the close-by international airport in Frankfurt (Main). With us, you will experience real German culture and the rich history of our country. Feel free to contact us.


We offer flexible internships for young people wanting to experience first hand missionary work.

financial support

We are always thankful for donations and support. We are a team of over 20 full-time missionaries and organize free courses and camps for our community.