Helping churches in Need

It is our goal to support and strengthen local churches in rural Germany. Most people in our area have a formal connection to either the catholic or the presbytarian church. But the idea of having a personal relationship to a loving god is foreign to most. Evangelic churches are rather small and often discouraged. This is the point where we step in. We support congregations and groups by helping out with services and concerts, offering children ministries in their buildings and organizing youth groups. At the same time, we are in constant dialogue, listening to and praying with the churches. After this phase, many churches feel empowered to reach out to their community and can go on independently. If needed or possible, we place a coworker in the area, who can support as a pastor or a church member. All our team members are sponsored by donations and their place of work is individually assigned. 

Most of our associated churches are in roughly the same area, west of Frankfurt am Main. There is not much industry, and since World War II, when this part of Germany was constantly devastated by soldiers, people felt left out. Nowadays, many young people leave for bigger cities and the towns are struggling to keep up. This situation is hard on the population and the churches alike. Our job is even more to encourage and bring hope to those who are in need.